Why Cutler? I just don’t get it

Jay Cutler has been one of the most disappointing quarterbacks to ever play the game. The guy has always been marked by the word potential even over 10 years into his career, but at some point you got to take the dude for he is…..a pussy. Cutler skill-wise makes you a better team, but its the everything else that comes with it. It’s the not caring, lack of passion, and inability to be leader that bothers me. As a person, he just sucks. He brings barely above average play, and shitty personality to a Dolphins that last year somehow made the playoffs. It’s if the Cubs brought back Carlos Zambrano in his prime. Yeah, he would be nice to have a rotation, but he will destroy that clubhouse. If you are a Dolphins fan U have to imagine that you want at least a quarterback to root for. Uninspired football will not beats my Pats or get you into the playoffs, you need a QB you can rally around. I am sorry but I just absolutely hate Jake Cutler.


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