The Gym is For Judging Others

Not talking about sports for today because I got an absolute to rant inside of me because girl criticize me because I like to go to the gym and judge people. Here we go:

The gym is by far the most acceptable place to judge people because of the nature of going to the gym. The only reason people work out is to make themselves aesthetically pleasing. Nobody likes to run or lift weights, and those that do are normally pretty fucking weird. Side thought: There is always that one kid in high school that is huge for the sake of being huge and just assumes that he is superior to everyone athletically because he lifts weights but in reality sucks at every sport that he plays.  Going back top my point…. fit people that go the gym and judge fat people because it reminds them the reason that they go to the gym. They looks at Fat Bertha and think “I should run another mile so I won’t look like her.” Fat people are insecure to begin with because they eat so they normally go like once a year (between Jan 2nd-5th because New Years Resolutions, am I right?) get judged and then do not come back. This girl’s argument was that fit people keep fat people fat because we judge them. There are some fat people who judge fit people at the gym think “I can look like them if I keep coming.” Goes both ways, it all depends on how committed you are looking attractive. I am not saying that everyone has to be in great shape, but there is certainly a difference between caring what you look like, and not giving two shits. There are some other things that I judge people at the gym here’s the list:

  1. Asians that smoke outside the gym before they workout
  2.  Girls that wear volleyball shorts and then act like shy, like they do not want anyone to look at them
  3.  Black people that are not either 300lbs are the swollest one at the gym
  4. Fat people using equipment incorrectly
  5. The guys that have that moan of Maria Sharapova while lifting

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