Why After Only a Week I am on Team Kyrie

I’ll admit that I’m biased. I’m from Boston, and have and always hated Lebron. As an avid sports fan though I have always respected his greatness, however I think the world has finally realized that Lebron sucks and he will never win a championship again. He is just not likable enough to be the face or “the guy” anymore in the NBA. Look at the other stars in the NBA such as James Harden, Kawhi Leonard, and Stephen Curry. All these guys have been able to  attract free agents to their team. Lebron has never been able to get a major free agent to play with him, and that confuses me. Why would Chris Paul, Kevin Durant, or Lamarcus Aldridge not even consider the idea of playing with Lebron? It is because he SUCKS, absolutely is a nightmare to play with and is absolutely no fun having as a teammate. I am going to defend this argument from two different perspectives. First, look at Lebron’s career. Nobody wanted to come play with this young phenom during his first stint with the Cavs. Literally the best they could do was Antwan Jamison and a over the hill Shaq. He then went to Maimi and JOINED Dwayne Wade who already won a championship and literally just wanted some more rings. When he returned back to Cleveland, Kyrie was already on the team and they traded for Kevin Love. Niether of them willingly wanted to play with Lebron. THIS NOT A COINCIDENCE! HE FUCKING SUCKS AS A PERSON. Great player. BUT A FUCKING TERRIBLE PERSON. My second perspective is to look at Stephen Curry. A 2-time reigning MVP was able to recruit another recent MVP in Kevin Durant to come play with him. Look how much fun they had playing with each other, and willingness to give up something in order to reach a their goal of winning a championship. Nobody looks like they like each other on the Cavs. If cap space was not an issue I am willing to bet that players would all go to play with Curry and Durant over Lebron because they would be willing to share the spotlight. Lebron is such a fucking egomaniac that he cannot share or give up any power to any of the other players. Kyrie is jumping ship before it is too late and his value diminishes. It’s clear that Kyrie is not leaving to “be the man”, he is leaving “get the credit” he thinks he deserves (another argument). Point is, Lebron sucks, nobody wants to play with him and his championship dreams in Cleveland is over (still have hope Banana Boat squad will team up one day).


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