For the sake of golf fans let’s not make Jordan Spieth/Tiger comparisons.

I want to give a special thank to Kevin Durant and Lebron for creating the super team and giving us a full week the past June after the quickest conference finals I think anyone has ever seen. You literally gave the media NOTHING to talk about for a whole week. It was worst than MLB All-Star weekend. So what did you talk about? You guys decided that the best story was creating the most absurd hypothetical situations and then debating it constantly. Lebron or MJ? Who is the greatest of all-time?  If 5 Lebrons played 5 MJs, who would win? And my personal favorite: how will this finals affect Lebron’s legacy? , (shoutout to Stephen A.). Over a month later, and guess what? You did not conclude on an answer! We might as well debated is 5 autistic Lebrons played 5 Kobes with downs who would win (I’ll go with autistic Lebron if anyone cares).Why can nobody have an answer to that question? It is because you cannot have one until after Lebron retires and you can look at the entirety of his career, so stop wasting everyone’s time. I heard this happen over the weekend while enjoying the British Open. The announcers said that Jack Nicklaus was the only player other than Jordan Speith to win 3 majors before the age of 24. Immediately,  it was followed by the comment “Is Jordan better then Tiger?” I literally yelled “shut the fuck up ” at the tv. A golfer can be competitive until their mid-fifties. I am not listening to this debate about Lebron for about five years, and I am definitely not debating Tiger/Speith for the next 30. Let’s talk sports, not hypotheticals.


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