What the fuck Kyrie? and fuck you Brian Windhorst

God I am already so fucking tired of this whole Kyrie bullshit. It is literally ruining one of my favorite parts of the year and that is baseball trade deadline rumors. Demanding a trade results is literally the worst part of sports journalism, because it gives Brian Windhort more time on air. I thought that bloated stick of butter was done until at least mid-august. I would pay $250 to watch that dude play pickup basketball for an hour. If this ever reaches him I will donate the money to a fat camp or something to help kids that look like him. Offer is on the table. I literally cannot watch ESPN until this is over. What are you even doing Kyrie? You are 25 years old. At this point in his career Lebron was trying to be the “franchise guy” with Delonte West and Zydrunas Ilgauskas. That did not look like it was any fun. Your trade request is so hypocritical within itself because you are not even going to be the franchise guy at any of the places you requested to be traded. Minnesota (Butler/KAT), San Antonio (Kawhi), Knicks (Melo), all have “the guy.” It is literally just the Miami Heat that could justify the reason you want to leave Cleveland and that is the team that Lebron left to come bring you a championship. Also if you were traded to the Spurs you would be the backup point guard. I honestly hope the Cavaliers just absolutely fuck over Kyrie and send him to the worst possible situation in the NBA. Trade him to the Kings and let him fester in Sacramento for a few years until he reaches free agency. He does not have no-trade clause and I would not give him the satisfaction of sending him to a contender. Have fun Kyrie! I hope you find what you are looking for!!!!



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