First Post: An Intro to Long-time, First Time

I listen to sports talk radio and I hear the same saying over and over again “long-time listener, first time caller.” Then I am forced to hear 30 seconds of verbal diarrhea as the caller makes one of the most outrageous sport arguments, allowing the hosts of the show to absolutely tear them apart with facts that they check on their computers within seconds. I often think “How can this guy be so stupid?” Then it starts in my head “What if?????”, and then leads to “What would they say if I called and asked this question.” I have never followed through with that thought until a few weeks when I called in my local sports radio show and made an absolute fool of myself. It was not until this past week when I realized why long-time/first-time (which I will now refer to LTFT) callers always sound so stupid, it’s because they have nobody to rationalize their thoughts with in the car. It’s just their original thoughts with no way of fact checking or hearing any other opinion. That is why sports radio is entertaining, it is because people are giving their raw, and honest opinion. This blog will be a way for me to share my LTFT thoughts and rationales. Just a heads up, I am crude (and will probably offend someone) so read with caution.


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